Anchored Youth

There is this great passage in Acts 2 that describes the early church and how they were united in community with each other by devoting themselves to spending time together in worship, fun, and meals. That community was the first of many that changed the world to make the world more like the Kingdom of God. That's what we are striving toward... to be that kind of community.

We get together a few times a week and every now and then we spend time together having fun or helping the community. We also try to get away once in a while to camp, for  retreats and mission trips. This is definitely a place to call home.

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Sunday Mornings

We gather in TFEC room 200 every Sunday, 10:15-11:15 a.m. 

Our goal: Engage in significant conversations about the biblical narrative — especially as it relates to what is going on in our world right now. Every class we will submerge into curriculum that emphasizes nurturing faithful relationships while engaging students in fun and creative activities

Sunday Nights

Sunday Night Youth – During School Year

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We meet Sunday nights, Junior High and High School will play a games or two, enjoy a supper, worship together and then have a time of teaching and small group  discussion.

Our goal: Practice living as a disciple of Jesus Christ while building true and lasting relationships.

How do we get there? We join in fellowship, worship, and have deep discussions about the Bible and the real life problems that we face every day.

Providing a meal for Sunday night: If you are interested in serving the youth group by providing  Supper (you will be reimbursed) please email Vicki at Thanks



Join us Wednesdays to explore Echo The Bible. Echo the Story 36 is a

36-session Bible overview for youth using storytelling, creative reflection, and dialogue. Through this experiential approach, students find meaning and identity in the biblical narrative.  

Each youth will also have a sketch journal . 

The Sketch Journal is a creative logbook of each participant’s journey through the stories. The journal works in tandem with the Guide and is used throughout each session.